Monday, April 23, 2012

Mens Tennis - SEC Champs!!

"I can't be anything but proud of the way we played," said Georgia head coach Manuel Diaz. "Our guys fought, but today Kentucky was the better team. It came down to the last match in a tiebreaker, and we just came up a little short. Kentucky deserved to win. They had to win the last two matches, and we only needed one, and they were just a little too good for us." [via]
That was Coach Diaz on March 30th after Kentucky's Tom Jomby outlasted Ignacio "Nacho" Taboada in a "spirited" match to defeat Georgia 4-3. Fast forward to yesterday's SEC Final in Starkville and we found Jomby and Nacho pitted against each other again with even more at stake. With the score 3-1 and two other matches going on, all eyes focused on Taboada's match as it headed to a second set tiebreak. After winning the first set, the Dawgs just needed his point to clinch. 

This time, the ending was rewritten

“It means so much,” Taboada said. “I was trying not to think about last match too much. I thought about it a little bit in the last two points, but I just tried to play good points. It was a total team effort today. We played great doubles again. It was unbelievable. I am so happy for the guys. We are peaking at the right time.”
NCAA Tournament seedings come out May 1st. As SEC Champion, host Georgia will get an automatic bid.

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