Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday's Margarita - tequila > brownie

Greetings sports fans, from the sun drenched Atlantic coast. Don't worry, I'm not just here for fun and games. I'm also training the snowbirds of Ohio and Ontario to not sound like squawking chicken hawks when they talk.

I know we're all discouraged with the recent news. Richt's boat gets lighter and lighter.It seems like everyday there's someone else in trouble or leaving Athens. I'm not going to pump sunshine. I'm frustrated too.

But don't let a mistaken brownie or a couple spring transfers dampen your spirit for this team, this season. Voicing frustrations over the uneven playing field when it comes to drug testing is understandable. Shaking your head at dumb decisions is a simple yet appropriate reaction. But the reality is there's still guys working hard and competing for the right to wear the G 'tween the hedges.

Shortened list of ingredients today as I traveled pretty light. But mix well and be sure to tell your waitress if you want a salted rim or not.

Today's Ingredients
- Blutarsky wonders if there's more to these transfers than meets the eye.
- Rex has an opportunity if any of you want to show off your Georgia Glory.
- Patrick takes some time to rank the greatest tight ends to wear the G.
- Not the best weekend on the diamond as T Kyle King reports.
- ecdawg has some defensive highlights for you.
- Interested in a GDay Tweetup? You can talk to people in more than 140 characters.
- Hope everyone had a great April Fools Day. You didn't get Mike Campo'd did you?

Great day Saturday up in Suwanee. This year's beer fest far exceeded 2011's in both participation, organization and tasting. Shout out to Mary Kate, the other organizers, the breweries, the bands, the participants and especially the volunteers. Can't wait for next year!

That's all for now Reader. That's about the best I can do from this phone. I hope to have at least one more installment in the GATArchives this week. And I've got a Humpday Hilarity that I'm told The Senator may have previewed for you over the weekend. Unless I'm overrun by Ontarioanites in the Piggly Wiggly look for those posts and others later this week.

Squawking chicken hawks do love their bagels.


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