Thursday, April 19, 2012

Recipes for a "tremendous offseason"

Players are getting their "exit meetings" this week before the long off season. Final instructions and suggestions are being given that are pretty detailed.
Richt and the coaching staff met Monday morning with the strength and conditioning staff and nutritionist Jen Ketterly to go over player by player what each individual would need for a “tremendous offseason,” Richt said.
Target reporting weights were pinpointed and areas of emphasis were discussed in strength and conditioning.
“It’s a comprehensive plan for every player,” Richt said.
Each player will meet individually with their position coach this week as well for an “exit meeting,” to find out what that player needs to work on for the next few months. Players fill out a self-evaluation breaking down their strengths and weaknesses.
Richt spoke of his new strength staff hires.
“Because of some of the changes we made with our strength staff, we now have a tremendous speed man on campus with us now in Sherman Armstrong,” he said.
Richt noted that former Penn State strength coach John Thomas, another new hire, is “one of the few Master strength coaches that there are in the United States of America.” He said that Thomas works well with players coming back from injury to ensure that they get stronger without doing lifts that could reinjure a player.
Last off season we heard rumblings of mild to moderate protest. Dietary change is hard, we all know that right? But the results that came in the 2012 season I would say were pretty good for season one in the new S&C program.

Of course, it's now a new and improved S&C program. Hopefully the buy-in is even greater than last year. A "tremendous offseason" could lead to a special 2012.


Bernie said...

If the team can improve the endurance and agility this offseason the way they did their strength last offseason it truly would be "tremendous". I love the fact that one of the new hires is a speed expert to try to make for a more balanced staff. 

Bernie said...

Yes. Armstrong was a solid hire. May turn out to be one of CMRs best.