Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday's Tax Sheltered Headers

One parting shot on the whole Petrino thing. It occurred to me during AD Jeff Long's presser last night that Arkansas can't even do a scandal right. At least at Georgia we have undergarments, martinis and some curbside groveling thrown in. 

After the vacation I'm still catching up on practice news. And about every time I catch up there's another significant injury. Nevertheless, here's some links that won't pull your groin but might turn your stomach. Mr. Davis.
  • Is there a better off season college football website than this one? NO. But we're getting there. (h/t Keg n' Eggs)
  • Malcolm Mitchell is likely out for Saturday's scrimmage. You can insert your own four letter word here - - -> ___________ !!!
  • That previous link also explains that there is no player draft for teams this year. The coaches determined the teams and we'll find out what they are later today.
  • Kholton Houston is the starting right tackle after a great spring.
  • Coach T came out of his bunker to speak with the media about the ever changing S&C program. And sounds like Rex Bradberry's position will be filled by a grad assistant.
  • Marc Deas did a 180 and the team welcomed the turnaround.
  • And Thomas Davis was on hand yesterday. Here's some Q&A with the former Dawg.
Wrap up that tax return before Saturday ladies and gents. Coach Richt might just need you on the field.

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