Saturday, May 5, 2012

Coach Mark Richt in cell phone purgatory, vol II

This time he didn't pocket text by accident. But he lost telephone privileges for two weeks for mentioning Josh Harvey-Clemons as a signee before the recruit actually signed.
Mark Richt's premature commenting on Josh Harvey-Clemons on signing day cost the Georgia head coach two weeks of telephone priviledges. 

Back on Feb. 1, Harvey-Clemons announcement his commitment to Georgia. It was the day's major signing for Georgia - except Harvey-Clemons didn't sign until the next day, as his grandfather wavered on signing the letter-of-intent. In the meantime, however, Richt had talked about the defensive standout from Valdosta during an interview on ESPNU.

Georgia reported the secondary violation the next day. The SEC returned its verdict on April 23, according to documents provided by UGA: Richt was prohibited from "placing recruiting telephone calls for a period of two weeks." The violation was also termed a Level II violation, the lesser of the secondary violations.

That is the only secondary violation the football program has reported since February. The men's tennis and volleyball programs have each reported two.
Meanwhile I mentioned JHC WAY early, yet received no punishment. Life of a blogger. And I hate talking on the phone.

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Bernie said...

Josh signed right after his announcement.  Since he was a minor, it also required his guardian's signature, but the grandfather had already left the school in a snit.  The grandfather signed it that night and it was faxed over the next morning.  Richt ends up being punished for another's sins, which seems biblical in a way.