Thursday, May 3, 2012

DING DONG! The bastard is finally...

...taking his yankee carpet baggin' ass out of Athens.

Michael Adams is a polarizing figure. Some see his long tenure and applaud the growth, development and academic achievements. But while Adams enjoyed taking credit for those I prefer to see things realistically. The University of Georgia has long needed new leadership from the top. Now the Board of Regents will have several months to find it.

The campus and university as a whole has enjoyed tremendous growth since Adams took office in 1997. He deserves credit there. Maybe not as much as he demands, but for the most part he helped raise a lot of money and stood out of the way of UGA's brick and mortar expansion.

Athletics has been more of a mixed bag. Sure, the UGAA has enjoyed profits and success during Adams' time on campus. But there's just as much of an argument that he stood in the way of greater success as one that he was responsible for what Georgia has enjoyed.

Overall, if you ask me how I'll look back on Adams' time as President of the University of Georgia I would say it was a good time to be a student and part of the alumni. I'll always wonder if it could've been greater. I don't care for his hands-on style meddling ways when it comes to athletics. I hope the successor gets along better with the faculty and stays away from Butts-Mehre as much as possible.

But that's just me. I eat grits and don't wear jeans to the Intramural Fields.

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Bernie said...

The fact that Adams got Dooley out, and kept him and his cronies at bay (ie. Billy P, etc.), his stock went through the roof on that! Dooley and Jimmy Carter, brothers separated at birth!