Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday's Meatloaf - expanded thoughts

Spent the weekend in Clempson visiting the folks. Had a long conversation with Dad at lunch about the off season topic du jour, expansion and it's step-brother the playoff. I was interested to get the feeling around there about how things were playing out, specifically after FSU went semi-public with their desires.

Whine and cheese douche
The easiest way to look at the ACC right now is as a divided nation. It's been that way forever really. It's just that it's no longer just an oddly shaped mole that gets some attention every now and then. Now it's a cancerous mass that is being picked and prodded from every angle.

Clemson fans are firmly entrenched in the "football side", better known as the Anti-Swoffords. The last straw really was adding Syracuse and Pittsburgh. The commish is akin to a four letter word and well below the mud underneath Danny Ford's tractor.

I think if I could have it my way I'd add Clemson and Virginia Tech to get to 16 teams and watch the rest fight over the crumbs. Like Tyler, I prefer games with meaning. So I'd rather add two teams with solid fan bases and good game day environments that make the trips worth it and the home fare better tasting. 

Cupcakes are for preschoolers.

Today's Ingredients
  • Sorry for the small serving spoon today. Long weekend and then I spent most of last night watching the tennis team's season come to an end.
  • CCRider sums up things in a way only he can.
  • ecdawg has a look at the SEC baseball tournament bracket.
  • Here's King's weekend sports summary.
  • Blutarsky has the latest chapter in the 8 game conference epic fail tale.
  • Like Kimberley I'll be pulling for Boykin to do well.
  • Lastly, I read Saturday's entry by CRob on his Italy blog and come to two thoughts: I get a kick out of being able to peek in on these guys' trip to such a beautiful country, and I'm so glad #45 is on our team. Dude just gets what it means to be a Dawg.
One last thought on expanded bliss. I mentioned up there if I could have it my way. I guess if we were really to get out our own magic wands, I would:
  • drop Mizzou like bad habit
  • add VA Tech after throwing a bunch of monopoly cash at the floor of the Virginia state legislature to distract them
  • add Clempson on condition that they would surrender Lake Hartwell forthwith
  • then tell the chickens to take their sniveling somewhere else
There, back to 12 teams. We keep the conference championship game, just rename it the True College Football Championship, sponsored by BDB. Here's you fork Reader. Have a terrific Monday!

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