Saturday, May 12, 2012

No trees were harmed in this ejection...

h/t Sandman and Groo

Harvey Updyke, beleaguered softball fan.
Harvey Updyke, the man alleged to have poisoned Auburn's Toomer's Oaks, was ejected from today's SEC softball tournament game between Alabama and Georgia, UA confirmed this afternoon.

"Mr. Harvey Updyke was asked by University of Alabama officials to leave today's softball game and he complied. Several months ago, the University issued a formal directive to Mr. Updyke stating that he is not to come to the University of Alabama campus. Mr. Updyke has no affiliation with the University of Alabama and does not represent the institution in any way. The University of Alabama will have no further statement on this matter."

Multiple UAPD officers at the game declined to comment.

Brian Rice, who works with the Tennessee softball team, snapped multiple photos of Updyke being led away from the Rhoads Stadium property. In a message to the Tuscaloosa Bureau, Rice said Updyke had been sitting in a lawn chair in the grassy area behind the home run fence.


Bernie said...

From Toomer's corner to the grassy knoll. Will this Harvey Updike nightmare ever end?

Bernie said...

If they can get Marisa Tomei to star in the courtroom drama I hope it lasts for years!