Sunday, May 27, 2012

Put a couple pots of coffee on

There's much work to be done in Destin this week.
There may not be another during that span that has offered up more meaty matters for the conference’s presidents, athletic directors and coaches to sink their teeth into.
“I’m not sure we’ve had a Destin meeting in a long time with as much of a substantive agenda as I expect next week,” Adams said Thursday.
The top item on the agenda will be the SEC determining its positions on college football’s postseason — issues like where a four-team playoff would be played, how the teams would be selected and the role of the bowls — following the 2014 season after the BCS contract has expired.
“The normal swirl is a little greater swirl this year because of the issues surrounding football,” said Adams, who is retiring as UGA president in June 2013.
Football and the lucrative TV dollars that come with it is a big reason why the SEC has more than tripled the money it’s distributed among its schools since Adams’ first attended the meetings in 1998, growing from $62.1 million then to more than $220 million last year.
This will be the first SEC spring meetings for new members Missouri and Texas A&M, which are leaving the Big 12. The meetings begin in earnest on Tuesday and run through Friday.


Bernie said...

I think we found out last year how much the coaches have to do with anything down there.  It's one place where the ADs and Presidents are still "The Man" (well, except the hiring and firing process).

Bernie said...

check out a great post on that thug from awbarn fairley here:

Bernie said...

Tru dat.