Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The SEC Meetings agenda

Although the annual meetings in Destin are never lacking for attention. This year there is a lot riding on the discussions that coe out of them. Ching does a good job of laying it all on table for you.

While most eyes and ears will be on the football side of things, it's the basketball scheduling that is the most urgent as the SEC coaches still don't have their traveling orders for the upcoming season. Once we have the dates for the conference slate we should get some final non-conference games finalized.

But it's football that we're most eager to hear about in terms of an eight game schedule vs a nine game. And if the eight game schedule is finalized will it be the 6-1-1 or the 6-2.

And oh yeh...there's that pesky post-season debate.
Adams expressed confidence that a four-team playoff will come to fruition, but is not certain how the teams would be selected or where the playoff games might be played. He also does not know how the recently announced SEC-Big 12 bowl game will fit into the league’s postseason plan, although its existence will serve as a safeguard if the playoff proposal runs into unexpected opposition.

“I don’t think there’s any belief that some form of playoff is not going to move forward, but I said this morning -- you may have heard me -- I think there’s both a protection factor and a leverage factor that went into those decisions,” Adams said after last week’s UGA Athletic Association Board of Directors meeting. “Our responsibility is to protect the SEC regardless of what happens nationwide and that’s what we were trying to do there.”

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