Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Around the Tailgate: biggest game of 2012

So I gathered them together and gave them five questions. The next few days I'll post their answers here so you can let them know how they did. They're six guys with varying opinions and attitudes, but they all bleed Georgia red and black. Honored to have their words posted here. To protect their guilt, their names have been altered.

Here's today's question: I recall a lot of discussion last year about whether Boise State or a conference game was the biggest game on the schedule. This year there isn't a sexy opener like 2011, but assuming you're able to look past Buffalo for a moment...what conference game do you feel is Georgia's biggest game this season?

Time honored hate
Joe Waterloo - I think the Florida game is without a doubt the biggest of the season for the fans and Mark Richt. South Carolina may prove more important in winning the East, but losing at South Carolina with the talent they have is forgivable. The Dawgs finally get a chance to build a winning "streak" against Florida and even though beating the 2010 and 2011 Gators may not be a chest thumping accomplishment, I don't think the collective UGA psyche can take not getting the monkey off our backs. Florida will probably turn out to be a much better team this year than everyone is giving them credit for, but it's been 30 years since we've won 2 in a row and it's well past the point of being "if not now then when."

Athens Homer Dawg - The next game in front of you should always be the most important game. I guess Mizzou is that next game; no offense Buffalo. We shall find out what cloth both teams are cut from. Not unlike the Boise State game, we are again missing a few key team ingredients. Mizzou might have a less than limber qb trying to tune up some WR talent. Let's line up and play. That passing game that the Big 12 is so proud of needs time to develop.... "and time is on our side....yes it it is!!" A QB no matter how talented, can't throw from the recumbent position, and Missouri sure ain't running the rock against CTG. Not in my world!!!! Yours?

Time honored, part douche
Smoke Wagon - Mizzou is huge for season confidence, Florida is as big as any game in every year, but I would have to give edge to south Carolina for the biggest sec game on the slate going into 2012. I guess that says a lot for what spurrier has done for them...... Or the free fall for UF & UT over the last few years. I am a huge fan for the huge game, which is why I would have preferred the 9 game sec slate where Alabama would have been the easy answer to this question. I hate agreeing with Saban, but he had it right on this. With more teams in conference, it takes more games to determine true champ. Selfishly, I am also bummed about only going to LSU, Bama, and Oxford, once every 12 years.

Da Mighty Fred - I hate to say this, but it comes down to beating Spurrier again. The winner of UGA/ South Carolina probably goes to the dome. UT and UF still look weak. Vandy and Kentucky aren't gonna get it. The game is later this year, so no excuses about us not "gelling". They'll have Lattimore and their QB situation may be settled, so it's gonna be rough. Both teams may roll in undefeated. It'll be a good test of our defense. The offense will have to put up more points than we usually do against the chickens. I think we win the cocktail party, but I worry about this one.

Sexy new kid on the block
The Wrangler - USC East and Florida are always at the top of the list, but I feel that winning the Missouri game is paramount this year. Winning this game gives UGA the momentum to run the table in the east – losing this game will create a lot of backlash from the UGA faithful. We certainly don’t want to be the team that gave the Tigers their first SEC victory. The early season suspensions will make this game even more difficult, but it should create some depth since we will have some of our reserves playing critical minutes in our first conference game. If we take care of business, this could be a special season.

Namaman - Out of conference games are always nice and a lot of fun for us to travel to as fans. I still harken back to our trip to Tempe to face the Sun Devils and revel in the fact that made them open their bars early and drank 'em outta cold beer - at the Library for sure - before their faithful had gotten out of bed. But I digress...

In my opinion, no out of conference game is ever truly as important to us as conference games. They have, and always will, mean more to us in the end. Granted our conference schedule has not been as stout on paper as at usually is, but you play with the hand you are dealt. That said, I think South Carolina will be our biggest game this season. The Gamechickens have been the proverbial fly in the ointment for us more than a few times over the years. This year, we get to face them in October, when hopefully, our defense is back a full strength to bring down that beast in their backfield, Lattimore. Spurrier is mad as hell that the game got moved later because he knows we historically seem to start slow and then pick up steam (and players off of probation). I hope the steamroller is moving extra fast when we head through Cola East.

Final synopsis - About what I expected: Mizzou is extremely important to set the tone, South Carolina is a must because of their talent level, and Florida...well they're Florida. Perhaps we should take AHD's advice and take it one big game of hate at a time. And in the event of a true tie, go with Jacksonville. Always.

So..your turn. What's Georgia's biggest game this season? And tune in tomorrow when we look at Aaron Murray's career so far.

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Bernie said...

Florida. We gotta break start breaking up their damned streak.

Bernie said...

I guess an argument could be made for all three of those. My hate for florida just runs too deep.

Bernie said...

Florida to me. Would love to be able to walk around Jacksonville a second straight year without hearing Gator fan's mouth.