Saturday, June 2, 2012

A conversation with (the) Sky

Still a little shaken by the news of Hertwig's passing. The only silver lining has been reading and listening to everyone's favorite Sky story. If you're looking for a couple good ones, can't do much better than Travis and Patrick.

To remember the giant and pay him proper respects, I sat down last night and raised one (or three, four) up in his honor. Together we talked about the upcoming season, the beautiful city of Athens and why nine ball is a much manlier game than eight. Then I would guess Munson started chiding Sky as to why a man with so many bars didn't show up with more bourbon.

But even as Sky left me sitting there, I ruminated further. And subsequently I bring you these thoughts. Some are concerns, some hopes. All are ponderings designed to get us through these last 90+ days. Please add your own in the comments.

1. Will ALL the talent we have in the backfield translate to actual results and yards and touchdowns and wins in 2012?
2. Can Malcolm Mitchell's hamstring (and about 2,348 other body parts) hold up to everything we need it to, especially early on in the August heat of drills and early September games?
3. How fast can Coach Friend bolster the offensive line?
4. Can Aaron Murray get that much needed signature win? Follow up...can it come as early as Columbia West? Another follow up...if it does, will people consider a win of a Big 12 cast off as a signature?
5. Which freshman makes the greatest impact?

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Bernie said...

1) Can we make it 2 wins in a row at the Cocktail Party?
2) Will Bobo stop being conservative when we have a lead?
3) Will one of our running backs surpass 1000 yds
4) Will CTG body slam vandy's coach
5) will Aaron Murray cut down on the costly turnovers
6) did grizzley adams have a beard?

Bernie said...

1) Can we? Yes. Will we??...??
2) I have no fargin' idea
3) Yes. Maybe two?
4) No. His new contract prohibits it.
5) see answer 2
6) Yes. Trevino says so.