Thursday, June 14, 2012

GATArchives: Dooley's favorite mascot

In 1986 the Georgia Bulldogs faced a number of key injuries, especially in the backfield with the loss of both Tim Worley and Keith Henderson. But the injuries weren't just limited to the field. Uga IV injured a knee as well the morning of the Vanderbilt game. When it was clear that the bulldog wouldn't be able to fulfill his gameday duties officials called on his brother Otto.

Fast forward to what would eventually become known as the "Game Between the Hoses" and Otto is doing quite well. Here carlmilton provides an old tape of a halftime report. Even through Tim Brando struggles with the correct pronunciation of Uga, it's a good look back at one of UGA's greatest temporary mascots.

Wow, those were some bad jokes. Real bad. If you're interested in highlights from the game (which had one of the more chaotic endings in college football history) carlmilton also has those loaded up here.

Back to Otto, he ended up with a record of 3-1 and handed the duties back over to Uga IV by the end of the season. It was clear the temporary mascot had won the head coach's heart as he "came off the bench and got the job done." Which is another reason he reminds me of our current mascot. Although Russ is likely to pass the collar soon, he's been there when the Dawg Nation has needed him, twice now. Like Otto, he really knows how to GATA.


Bernie said...

Let Russ keep the Job!

Bernie said...

I wish. Damn Good Dawg.

Bernie said...

I've still never seen footage from the ending of this game. I'm surprised ESPN hasn't pulled it out at some point to illustrate the range of emotions between these two teams