Friday, June 1, 2012

GATArchives - a hate for Dawgs is born

Tomorrow's a get away day for me. I'll have some provoking items as I aim the Bernie Family Circus towards the beach. I'm interested to hear your thoughts as we all head into the Dawg days of summer.

But for now....

That's Spurrier, circa 1966 I believe.

I got a real good kick out of Coach Richt's response the other day to the Ol Ball Coach's proposal that only divisional games count towards the divisional crown. In case you missed it, here ya go:
“I think every man has a right to his own opinion. If it gets changed, then good for him I guess this year. I don’t know if he’d feel that way every year. This year he’d probably feel good about it. I don’t think it’s going to change. I’ve always said for me personally tell me what the rules are at the beginning of the year and let’s go play by them.

Anyway, it all got me thinking about the Dawgs' history with Steve Spurrier. The historical saga has been a long and dramatic one between the visored one and the Georgia Bulldogs. There's truly no love lost.
- Spurrier played for Florida from 1964-66. He went 1-2 against Georgia, including a beat down just before he was crowned the 1967 Heisman trophy winner. The Gators were undefeated heading into Jacksonville that season. It wasn't pretty from the get-go as Dooley's Dawgs went on to a 27-10 victory and Co-SEC champs. (here's some more on that game)
- It didn't fare much better for Spurrier once he started his coaching career. He was a QB coach in Gainesville in 1978 as well as at Georgia Tech in 1979. Both were wins for Georgia.
- I wasn't able to find much on the internets regarding Georgia's history with the Tampa Bay Bandits...or Duke. So, we festered in his belly during those years too.
- But then he owned us, flat out during the 1990's. Enough said, let's move on.
- 1997! Robert Edwards helped exercise many demons.
- But then Spurrier owned us. Again.

South Carolina has been a mixed bag. I'll admit that the ol ball coach has lasted longer in Cola East than I thought. But at least it has helped create my favorite memory of Spurrier to date.

What's been your favorite (or least favorite) memory of the one we love to hate?

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Bernie said...

Stanfill commenting to reporters after game.  Spurrier apparently yelled "late hit!" after every hit to which Stanfill supposedly responded..."Sorry, Stevie, didn't mean to step on your skirt. "  That's gold, people.

Bernie said...

I hate Spurrier so much. I hope we run the score up on him this year.