Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Georgia's tailbacks - a stable of maturation

With the help of Coach McClendon, Weiszer evaluates the maturity level of his running backs in this piece. Although it definitely has the feel of a mid-June update, it's a quick and thorough snapshot of the tailback position...from where it was then...
Caleb King was declared academically ineligible in the summer and entered the NFL supplemental draft.
Carlton Thomas was suspended for the season opener and then two more times before deciding to transfer on the first day of spring practice.
Isaiah Crowell was suspended for a quarter against Vanderbilt and then joined Ken Malcome (who left the team briefly) and Thomas in being suspended against New Mexico State.

...to where it is now.
McClendon sees maturation in Crowell entering his sophomore season.
“Man, he’s doing, I want to knock on wood, but he’s doing a great job,” McClendon said. “He’s had a great spring. That’s propelled him into the offseason that’s he had. He’s really maturing, just really finding the value in doing all the small stuff. That’s where you see a guy mature the most, just how you value doing some of those small things.”

The devil is in the details. Perhaps a 1000+ yard season is too.
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