Saturday, June 30, 2012

Let's not roll on the Shabbos y'all


"It's down there somewhere. Lemme take another look." - the Dude

And it turns out we in fact will get to take another look. The Big Lebowski 2 is in the works with all the original cast. I suppose this means that Jeff Bridges nor John Goodman ever washed Donny's ashes from their faces. Turturro, Seymour-Hoffman, Julianne Moore and maybe even Bunny return (if the Coen brothers let her out of the doghouse). Added to the cast is Bill Murray and the kid that played Zuckerburg in the BookFace movie. Count me among those millions that will probably take the time to do something with the sequel that they didn't with the original - see it in a theater.

Now, let's try not to roll on the Shabbos.
- Speaking of movies, that new one with McConagay stripping came out yesterday and my wife spent a quiet evening at home with me. I'm taking that as as good a sign as any.
- Tyler wants to know where are the characters have gone. I'm hesitant to tell him he may not see Nutt for another 12 years.
- Lot of emotional fallout over yesterday's news. Earlier this morning I tried to make some sense of it all. More importantly, Fletcher takes a look at the position, once a beacon of emerging talent and skyrocketing dreams, now tarnished by wasted opportunities.
- Moving forward, Kipp Adams looks at what's next ($) for the Dawgs at tailback. Both current and future.
- Ching looks at Chris Conley. I for one was unaware that he broke his foot in Orlando.
- PWD analyzes how the new playoff system could impact the SEC by looking back at who may or may not have gotten into the dance in years past.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm heading out of town and need to finish arguing with the car's trunk. I've got a lot of time wasters in the queue for the coming days...for those of you who miss the 1980's especially. So mix up a nice cool caucasian and don't let the rug slip away.

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Bernie said...

vote on on who you think will be UGA's starting running back in 2012.