Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday's Meatloaf - a fatherly dose of humility

Despite her younger influences,
she didn't learn any pessimism from Munson.
Hope your Father's Day weekend was everything you hoped for. Mine started with a daddy date. The 8yo wanted me to take her to that cafe' with the $8 cups of coffee "and it has free WiFi dad!!" I had little problem saying yes because I knew this would be the only stop. She doesn't like to be away from home long. And after we got in the car she confirmed this for me - "When we get back in an hour we'll play football."

I mistakenly thought she meant the Madden NFL video game. She was kind enough to clarify - "No, two hand touch with my new football. I'm gonna kick your butt." Suddenly an $8 cup of coffee sounded a lot better. I ordered the "grande", which in this place actually means "medium", so that I might actually be awake for my "butt-kicking". Thirty minutes later we were arguing over boundaries and the length of the quarters. She won on the size of the field, I convinced her shorter halves might spare her father's lungs.

All for naught evidently, I lost 54-22. The highlight of the game was a forced fumble that resulted in a safety, which helped me cut the deficit to a touchdown. But those were my last points. She went on a 25-0 run to finish the game. 

As she recovered a fumble with 9 seconds left and had a 46-22 lead I limped to the line of scrimmage and pointed out that I only had 1 timeout left. All she needed was two knees. Her response was to go no huddle and score on a 32 yard sweep. 

I dragged ass to the endzone to shake her hand. "Game's not over Dad. Two point conversion." Before I could even start an argument about how running the score up (even further) might hurt her in the new CFB post season voters' eyes she had crossed the plane uncontested (again) and spiked the ball. Where's Marc Curles and Penn Wagers when you need them?

As I elevated my swelling ankle and stroked my bruised ego I reflected on my new Losersville. Somewhere between France and North Avenue.

Today's Ingredients
- I've loved Father's Day ever since Corey Pavin drew a 4 wood out of his bag at Shinnecock. I was waiting for Mrs. BD to get off work at GA Square Mall so I could take her to meet my family.
- We were "courting". Unlike my mom who introduced herself while "slurping" spilled margarita from the countertop. Oh, memories!
- Meanwhile, did Costas shart hisself on the 18th last night?
- Great Father's Day post by Garbin in tribute to Old Dawg.
- The Telegraph is ranking the games for the upcoming season. Here they look at Vanderbilt.
- Blutarsky looks at the new stealth and conditioning hire.
- Looks like ecdawg tried to do some stealth work of his own and spy on Muschamp...only to find the state of Florida closed. Cool.
- Kevin at SicemDawgs looks at the commitment CMR got at his camp Saturday.
- Meanwhile, 5 star Reuben Foster showed up and Dawg recruitniks drooled. I think he might have been wearing a Saban Cam on that cap.
- Impressive first outing for former Diamond Dawg Justin Grimm.
- I'm sorry. You said you want proof that Tech fans are just as, if not more obsessed with UGA than actual Georgia fans..?? Ok, here you go. Dipshits.
- Lastly, my best Father's Day present...rolling down the road, wide open and hearing the little girl shout "Decoration Day!!" from the backseat even before Isbell even started singing. Atta girl! #CelticinEflat

That last one was for Scott and Tyler, my #DbT dudes. Excited to bring the rest of y'all a new series of posts. I spent last week gathering up the usual suspects. My intention was to get some fresh ideas from a group of Dawg fans I hold near and dear to my stadium cup. They vary in their opinions, but they all bleed Bulldog red and black.

Love him, or hate him...our QB.
Once I had lured them in with promises of cheap beer and internet glory, I presented them with the questions and charged them with answers that were as deep as a post route and as cogent cogent as...well, at least be semi-coherent. Here's the schedule:

- Tuesday we'll analyze the 2012 schedule and try to figure out what the Dawgs' biggest test of the season is.
- Wednesday we'll try and tackle Aaron Murray's career, both in the rear view mirror and in the future.
- Thursday is devoted to the tailback position. Who starts in September and who finishes the season?
- Friday we'll broaden our scope as I give each of them the power to create the perfect post-season.
- And Saturday we'll look at Coach Richt and evaluate where he is in his tenure at UGA.

Gonna be fun. Be sure and stop by to tell these guys how awesome and how off base they are. Their egos are unbruiseable. Trust me, I've tried. And that's your meatloaf Reader. Now get back to work!



Bernie said...

Getting them started on DBT @ an early age is a good thing. My 1 yr old likes to boogie down to Marry Me and and the Zevon cover those boys do so well, Play it all night long! I'm working on the rock horns but he already has a good bark ready for the Dawgs to take the field. GATA!

Bernie said...

Well done. My girls usually just roll their eyes and ask for Taylor Swift. Preteen music sucks.