Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday's Meatloaf - Stars, Stripes woven in every generation

Float commemorating the
flag over Iwo Jima
I've recently experience a confluence of experiences, all intertwined and woven carefully into my own patriotic flag. I've always counted myself among those most appreciative of the sacrifices many have made, but so many more enjoy. The last few weeks have humbled me and helped me realize that appreciation can sometimes never be deep enough.

Took the family to see our local Memorial Day parade and was in awe of the number of people being remembered just in our sleepy town. Young, old, men, women...the posters just stretched on down the road. Each one carrying a name of someone who had stood up for the right for me to be there celebrating their life.

Next I received an email about Cody Green. His is the story that fills evening newscasts across the world really; a young boy stricken with an infection that his doctors just can't cure. The fight had been long and full of courage, but it was nearing an end. But not before a local Marine decided to honor the young man in a way that only a Marine could.

Today's Ingredients

  • Terrible news out of Auburn yesterday. LHB has the police press conference addressing the murders.
  • NCT looks at the conclusion of another great tennis season in Athens.
  • With baseball season also in the rearview, Danny looks at the changes Perno announced in his staff last week.
  • Blutarsky has an interesting perspective to look at Aaron Murray from in this post.
  • Shaq Wiggins isn't just a UGA commit that is working hard at recruiting other top targets, he's also climbing up the charts. Kimberley takes a closer look at the Sandy Creek HS product.
  • Corbindawg throws a pity party for bloggers in Iowa without Chick-Fil-A. Violins are optional.
  • Speaking of midwesterners, Paschall welcomes Mizzou (and Texas A&M) to the "stingy SEC".
  • Earlier last week Mr. Sanchez found a new website that's fun to click towards. You may want to take a pair of shades though.
  • Remember that guy Hale? Well, cheez wiz! He might be joining the Big 12 too.
  • An one programming note, our buddy Steve has some great new videos up and ready to look at. Now that I'm off the beach I'll post a look at the 2007 win in Jacksonville tomorrow and then use the other as this week's GATArchive. Stay tuned.

Lastly, I finished reading Unbroken by Laura Hillebrand. Sometimes I think I'm the only person in America that hadn't finished it, but in case you haven't's a true story of sacrifice, an amazing series of events in the life of one Louis Zamperini, and an epic tale that brings to life the heroic era of the Greatest Generation. I won't relate the entire story obviously, but I will do two things: 1) suggest implore you to read it yourself, just as my wife did for me, and 2) provide you with this excerpt which is my favorite part:
Louie Zamperini (via)
That afternoon, an American navy man dug through his belongings and pulled out his most secret and precious possession. It was an American flag with a remarkable provenance. In 1941, just before Singapore had fallen to the Japanese, an American missionary woman had given it to a British POW. The POW had been loaded aboard a ship, which had sunk. Two days later, another British POW had rescued the flag from where it lay underwater and slipped it to the American navy man, who had carried it through the entire war, somehow hiding it from the Japanese, until this day. The POWs pulled down the Japanese flag and ran the Stars and Stripes up the pole over Rokuroshi. The men stood before it, hands up in salutes, tears running down their faces.
I can't save America from the hands of nations with ill intent. I can't fill a military uniform with an ounce of the courage and heart it takes to wear it. But I can help my kids understand the importance of honoring those who have, and those who still do.

Have a great Monday Reader.


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