Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Dr. Murray, paging Dr. Murray"

While pursuing a return trip to the SECCG Aaron Murray also begins work towards his masters degree, and in turn his doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology this fall. He'll likely take nine credit hours during the season.
“In the springtime, I’ll probably bump it up,” said Murray, who received his undergraduate degree in May and made the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll in the spring.

Murray, entering his redshirt junior season, got a projection from the NFL underclassmen advisory committee last winter.

Asked if he was happy with where he was told he would go, Murray said: “There is improvement to be made. That’s all I’ve got to say."

Murray had a good laugh at that.


Bernie said...

Good for Murray. Considering his stature, I think he needs to continue to put his academics first. Only 1 QB was drafted at his size, the Wisconsin QB, who had an 8 to 1 td to int ratio, completed 70%+ of his throws, and beat a couple of teams that finished ranked high. I'm pretty sure the NFL told Murray due to his 5' 11'' size, and his very low td to int ratio, very low accuracy, and winless record against teams that finish top 25 AP Poll, his projection would be the last round, if that. Murray should look into coaching later if he likes football.

Bernie said...

Goodness, are you cross? You might need to get laid. I'm sure that go to hell attitude never bothers Brees'. Doesn't bother me except that I'd like to see your KPI. Yes I would..... and you might not measure up to Dr. Murray at the same corresponding juncture in your life achievements. So....STFU....... Mr. Bernie will reign me in as he sees fit.

Bernie said...

Perhaps Smurf is just a big Randy Newman fan...