Friday, June 15, 2012

Nkemdiche ripple effects

via Tom Hauck, ESPN
Robert Nkemdiche has committed to Clemson. But is the circus surrounding his recruitment over? Likely not. Bama, Ole Miss and LSU will surely stay after the nation's #1 prospect. However Georgia can move on.

Last weekend Alpharetta's Naim Mustafaa committed to Richt. He was #1 on their board at the OLB position. That about tells you all you need to know about the relationship between Grayson's Nkemdiche and the Georgia Bulldogs.

Would Richt and his staff taken the nation's top prospect's commitment for 2013? Of course. He's a superior talent and an absolute freak. But it just wasn't going to happen, and even if Nkemdiche decides to listen to his other suitors moving forward (at which time Coach Swinney's policy of no visits will become big headlines) it's still not going to happen at UGA.

Richt and Co. get the luxury of looking ahead at other targets, ones that are probably higher on the board and that they have a better shot at signing. In fact, Kipp Adams points out several reasons ($) why Robert Nkemdiche committing to Clemson is a good thing for Georgia. It was going to happen eventually. The fact that it happened yesterday to a team not named Bama is like putting extra recruiting hours and resources in Georgia's pocket.

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Bernie said...

Honestly, I've felt along that he was a better fit as a DE in a 4-3 system. He's likely going to outgrow being a 3-4 OLB, but he doesn't seem real interested in being a 3-4 DE. Now like you said, I'd take him in a heartbeat as I'm sure the coaching staff would, I'm just not surprised he ended up picking a school that runs a 4-3 (I'm not saying that was the only factor, but I believe it was probably a significant one).

Bernie said...

Agree. I think RN made a good decision for him from what I've seen of his play in person and on YouTube. The next thing to watch will be whether he tries to take any visits, a big Dabo No No.

Bernie said...

"Kipp Adams points out several reasons ($) why Robert Nkemdiche committing to Clemson"

It may be coincidental but the part of the line above is funny.

No one can figure why he committed there ($$$$$).

Bernie said...

lol Well, I hope you saw my other post from this morning. -