Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sans Ben's seersucker, Updyke confesses

If a confession happens outside of Finebaum's show, does it make a sound? Evidently, yes PAAAAAWWWWWWLLLLL!!!

Andy Griffith can hang his suit back up. Not even all of the Auburn University employees had been dismissed from the jury pool. Yet while waiting on an elevator, the truth that everyone already knows spewed forth as if from a large vat of pesticide.

So much for the Matlock-made-for-tv movie. That wouldn't even get us to the first Metamucil commercial break.


Bernie said...

This thing is going to turnout to be quite the circus. Who among the
potential jurors hasn't rolled Toomer's Corner, know someone who has
rolled the corner, or visited the dying 130 year old oaks devoid of 80%
of their spring foliage. They should get Court TV to cover this trial
and ask Lipton Tea Bags to sponsor it. The ratings would shoot through
the roof. It would be better than the Hatfields taking the McCoys to
court for stealing a pig! Jerry Springer could do the play by play.

Bernie said...

B&B may need a 4th ring.