Friday, June 15, 2012

Some Friday McLovin

Friday's been my favorite day of the week ever since 4th grade when it was widely recognized at Barnett Shoals Elem school as kickball day. By April of 1980 I was frequently being drafted in the top five on the playground. Awesomez!

Now I hear your argument - "Bernie, what about Saturday? There's no work, you sleep in. Plus it's gameday!" Sure, but it's only gameday 12 times (less if you're an ACC school, or South Carolina), maybe more if you make it to the Dome in December. There's just something special about Friday. Weekend plans are being finalized, McLovin has his fake ID ready, sports betting is finding all the winners, steaks are marinating, the bourbon glasses are clean...

Ahhh, Fridays! The best day to listen to my favorite Irish R&B singer. Now for some questions...
- One name? Who are you, Seal?
- Saw there was another perfect game the other day. Isn't the real perfect game 81 pitches, 81 swings and 27 strikeouts?
- So Nkemdiche pledges to Dabo?? I haven't seen a picture of him in front of a tractor holding a wad of cash yet, so we'll see how long this lasts.
- It's been rumored for a while now, and the context within the new contract only strengthens the notion I think. But Michael Booker asks, Is Grantham the head coach in waiting?
- Does Mizzou have enough cash to ante up at the SEC table?
- Back to recruiting and looking ahead to Dawg Night, will the Dawgs turn Reuben's head?
- Which brings to mind another question...I see OL and ILB as the prime needs for the rest of the '13 class. Foster's committed to Bama. Both he and Laremy Tunsil (who is rumored to be leaning towards Saban) will be in Athens this weekend. Who would you rather Coach Richt get a "commitment" from?
- And back to gamedays, Tyler has some crap he's not looking forward to hearing. Can you think of any others?
- Everyone knows there's No Country for McLovin.
- So what's it going to be? You can live your weekend like any other kid with a fake ID, or as McLovin, a 25 year old Hawaiian organ donor. The choice is yours.

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Bernie said...

I'd say we could use some OL and some OL. After that we should get some big uglies and some more OL.

Bernie said...

I think Tunsil could fill all four of those categories.