Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Burrows pulls a Boo

Welcome back Brandon.

"I owe it to myself to be be here. It would be some kind of an injustice to myself to walk away at this point."

After changing his mind, Burrows spoke with coach Mark Richt after returning to the team. "I'm so happy he was kind enough to take me back," Burrows said.>

Don't see that Richt had much choice to take him back, but glad for the cozy picture. In all seriousness, most will hardly glance at this as news. Burrows is an often injured, somewhat misplaced body in a 3-4 system that has yet to see the field. But when drills hit full force next month, and the wear and tear of a season in the SEC drags on into October....November...

More bodies = more better.

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