Saturday, July 21, 2012

Duron Carter doesn't have time...

...for this shit. Or studying.
Alabama wide receiver Duron Carter has left the program, a source confirmed to ESPN's Joe Schad.
Carter, who never played a down for the Crimson Tide after transferring to the school in 2011, is seeking another program to play for, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.
The junior wideout, who is the son of former NFL receiver and current ESPN analyst Cris Carter, began his career at Ohio State and was a boon for an Alabama coaching staff looking for a deep threat after Julio Jones left the program early for the NFL draft. But Carter couldn't stay academically eligible last season, and coach Nick Saban suspended him in March.
Carter was not reinstated, and his profile did not appear in the Crimson Tide media guide that was released earlier this week.

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Bernie said...

This athlete needs to go to a college for a full year and make qualifying grades before he is allowed to even step on to a football playing field. He needs an education to support himself and to learn self discipline even if he can become an outstanding college or professional player. His father needs to step in here and give his son some better advice on how to achieve those personal goals thru applying his talents into the classroom to earn the playing time in the college ranks as his chances of waiting out the time required and getting signed by a pro team and making that team roster will be extremely difficult as even if his football talent is outstanding, his resolve and all around education will be lacking In many other facets of his character.