Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flashback: 1985 Bama

Ok, this one was a loss but it was a helluva game. You probably remember that Herschel's jersey was retired at halftime. If not, then this previous post will set the stage for the game more than adequately.


h/t Dawg19

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Bernie said...

I was at this game on Labor Day weekend as a student and it was a great game with an amazing yet disappointing finish! Outside of Butler's GW FG the year before, this was the craziest I'd ever seen Sanford Stadium in those days when Terrie Webster blocked the punt and Calvin Ruff recovered it for a TD to give us the lead with a minute left in the game. Then we let Shula move the ball at will on the final drive. Tough loss! Thank you for reminding me about the halftime ceremony because I'd forgotten all about it in the excitement of the game. Love that you're posting some of these older games from my days as a student. Besides this one and 1984 vs. Clemson, the other wild home game (another loss) was against LSU in 1987. Also, if you can ever find the UGA - Clemson game (at Clemson) from Rodney Hampton's second year, it had one of the most amazing TD runs I've ever seen when he literally "came out of the pile" to score. He is still the most electrifying RB I ever saw in person between the Hedges!