Thursday, July 26, 2012

GATArchives - Amp'd up to Wreck Tech

I remember going to a football camp in the late 1970's at Cedar Shoals High School. Coach Waters brought back some alumni to run the camp. I was working out at receiver with none other than Anthony Arnold. It was hot and almost time to break for lunch. Amp called my name and said I was to run a go route to the visiting sideline and look for the ball over my left shoulder. If I caught it, we went to the shade and cooled off. If I missed it he'd call another camper to do what I couldn't.

I caught it. It was a glorious moment for a ten year old. But nothing like the glory number 82 must've felt 'tween the hedges a couple years earlier.

h/t Dawg19

"Woerner on the 28. Ran by one, ran by another! RAN BY ANOTHER!! 50  45  40! 35  30! Scott WoernerWoernerWoernerWoernerWoernerWOERNER!! Look at the stadium. Look at it!!"

It might have been a game for the spectator, but it was a win for the Dawgs. A lot of heroes, guys that looked at a 20-0 deficit and stood ready for the task at hand. The Bulldogs' record improved to 9-1-1 on the season before a trip to the Bluebonnet Bowl.

Some bonus material related to this game:
- Garbin takes us back to meet the guy that caught the game clinching interception, David Archer.
- And he also breaks down Arnold's career a little further.
- A quick Hometown Hero piece from the ABH several years ago.

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