Monday, July 2, 2012

GATArchives: Game Between the Hoses

Seemingly, the 1986 Georgia Bulldogs were limping into Opelika to play their annual game against Auburn. Knee injuries had plagued the backfield and quarterback James Jackson wouldn't be able to play either due to an ankle injury. The Dawgs were unranked and faced a tall order in a top ten Auburn Tiger team. Backup QB Wayne Johnson had attempted 4 passes on the season. It looked to be a long night.

But the defense was opportunistic and the offense kept catching the plainsmen off guard, so somehow Dooley's Dawgs managed a 20-16 victory...before the real action began. Celebrating fans rushed the field and hoses were turned on to control them. In a word, it was bedlam.

A few weeks ago we looked at Otto and how he filled in so admirably during the Auburn game of '86. Now, Dawg19 has the entire game loaded up and ready to view. From the opening drive to the hoses being turned on the fans on the field and in the stands.

"It's a little chilly to be getting drenched down there."

There's some great bonus reading your can do on this epic game. MT over at Bubba 'n Earl looked back at this game last November. The video PWD posted a few years ago is no longer available, but there's some great comments in the post. Especially the one about a commemorative t-shirt.

As with other posts like this I'm sure there's more out there. Feel free to share in the comments. Stay dry Dawg fans!