Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grantham > boy wonder ??

I remember the day like it was eleven and a half years ago. We were at Nama's place and he was showing us some kinda super computer. It connected to this internet doohickie, without even tying up his phone line. A story pulled up (probably on Groo's site since he practically invented the Dawgosphere) on who this Coach Richt kid was bringing on staff. Some dude named Van Gorder was coming down from a state that snows. Couple other names we didn't recognize. Scroll...scroll...

And then Mike Bobo. We all cheered the move. This kid Mark needed some Georgia blood on the staff. Someone that had seen the SEC field. Could laugh when everyone else talked about their days coaching/playing in the ACC, MAC, or whatever the hell.

Fast forward to yesterday. Todd Damn Grantham has assumed the title of Associate Head Coach. What does it really mean? Well, nothing much. If Mark Richt calls in sick one Friday this fall then one would assume that it's the defensive coordinator that takes over the "good" headset until the antibiotics kick in. If Prez Adams needs a ride to get more unsweetened tea from goddamnedConnecticutPennsylvaniaCanadia and he tells Kathryn to hand the phone to Mark, well then, we're gonna see Grantham sprint out with the team from the tunnel.

As my kids say, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

My question to you is, does this mean anything to Bobo? Does he even give a fart that the "new kid 'tween the hedges" has the title? And, does it mean anything to you? Is it a big deal that one of the two coaches still on staff and the only coordinator that's been with the regime since before Bin Laden smirked gets passed over as the newest Associate Head Coach since Eason was fitting AJ into his #8?


In other words, is Bobo even the Sec. of State? Does it even matter? Cuz I don't think so. Or maybe I hope not.