Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kwame: plugged into the heart of the defense

I've been enjoying DawgNation's Around the Hedges in 80 Days series. You might have to be a member there to see them, but basically it's a daily snapshot of different players as we grind through these dog days in the off season. Ching gives some background, and then what the projection is for this season. Yesterday's was on Kwame.

Geathers has always been an intriguing player. If I remember correctly he always wanted to play defense, even though Spurrier (Richt's chief competition for the Kid's signature in February 2009) and staff were directing him more towards offense. There's been times when that possibility was still on the table in Athens, but he's clearly a difference maker at the nose position.

As big as Jenkins was late last season it was Geathers that made the transfer earn every snap. With the two of them battling it out (as well as lining up side by side in some sets), Garner and Grantham have tremendous size and talent to put into the heart of their defense. That's nearly 13 feet and over 700 pounds of beef to plug up the middle.

There's no doubt that the Georgia defense is going to be a formidable challenge for opposing offenses this fall. Their nose tackles are a big part of the reason for the excitement. Kwame Geathers could have a big BIG season.

(picture via 247Sports)

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