Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday's Meatloaf - an old friend through young eyes

For my 10 year old, because she lost a dear friend this past week.

They never met, but she had whistled along with him many a morning on the way to the fishing hole. Despite the dangers these days of leaving a remote control unattended in a child's hand, I never worried about her visits to his office chair, or Aunt Bea's table or Otis' cell. I remember telling her once that she could visit Mayberry as often as she wanted as long as her homework was done and her chores were taken care of before supper.

I suppose later this month when we're near Manteo we'll go see "The Lost Colony" where the man cut his teeth into acting. Later we'll go on by the church and lay a flower down. We'll whistle a bit, maybe sit a spell. All while cherishing a time when things were much simpler.

RIP Andy. Around our house you'll always be remembered fondly.
via Jay Blakesberg

Today's Ingredients
- Hope you got a chance to grab a t-shirt or two while sending a few bucks towards the Kasyn Cares Fund this weekend. Also, here's a story by Ching on how Georgia players got a chance to soak in some Sunshine recently.
- I always get a kick out of how many people find my blog by typing in "camo wedding dress" into their computer. Well, vineyarddawg compiled some other doosies.
- Garbin took the time to look back on some other SEC teams that faced measly schedules.
- Mr. Sanchez wonders how low we can go with our scholarship limitations. 
- As The Opening wound down Mason Kelley looked at the tale of two running backs whose decisions could easily affect each other.
- The Lady Sportswriter found some interesting quotes coming from the Nike camp.
- Also while in Beaverton. Chad Simmons grabbed an interview with UGA commit Tramel Terry.
- Danny looks at Jarvis Jones' selection as a Preseason All-American.
- Travis has a nice musical interlude in case you missed it yesterday.
- Lastly, them Aggies, they alright. Some may say it turned out to be much ado about nothing, seeing as the Westboro idiots never showed up. But in truth, it was much, much more than that

I mean, is there a finer man than one that can take the time to expand Ernest T Bass' working geographical knowledge beyond Old Man Kelsey's creek?

YOU AIN'T SEEN THE LAS' OF ERNEST T BASS!! Short and sweet this week I know. But it's aim was just as good as that bullet in Barney's shirt pocket. Y'all have a great Monday.