Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday's Meatloaf - Remembering "Kid" Terrell

How sweet it is!
Kid had a passion for Georgia that was unsurpassed. He had no interest in being cited by alumni organizations. He didn't want to serve on the athletic board. He had no desire to sit at the head table when there was a Bulldog banquet feast. All he wanted was for the Chapel Bell to ring. 
"Kid" Terrell (John H Terrell)...without question, the most loyal Dawg fan of this century.
Every Saturday when I walk by Kid’s tailgate spot on the way to the stadium, I think of him and the many fun stories of his life and times. I am always enveloped in sadness when I walk by and I always lift an imaginary toast in memory of my friend Kid Terrell.
I used to joke with him that he could have a meeting of the bank's board as he drove from Athens to Comer alone.  The man treated everyone he came in contact with dignity and respect.   
Kid loved Georgia like no other. 
Just a few quotes, mostly from Loran Smith's anecdotes and some emails I've received. There's some explanation below, but isn't it nice to hear of someone that loved UGA the way this guy did?

Today's Ingredients
-  The Montana Project might be the most exciting thing to happen in many an off season. Stay tuned to Blutarsky and Travis for updates and ways in which we can support. 
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- Wow. Hope Michael Dyer didn't throw away those moving boxes.

John "Kid" Terrell was a Georgia Bulldog through and through. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Kid, from what I've been told and what I've read I wouldn't be surprised to see the man's picture next to Webster's definition of a Damn Good Dawg. Even after he passed away, those that gather behind Clark-Howell Hall on Fall Saturdays still refer to it as "Kid's Tailgate".

Kid's Tailgate (l-r Terrell, Bill Hartman
and Bob Bishop), via
Why give his name this space today? Well, three reasons really. Most importantly it was almost three years ago that he passed and he certainly is the kind of guy that should be remembered fondly as often as possible. Also he was the only person to go to UGA with Frank Sinkwich, Charley Trippi and Herschel Walker. Or at least had his picture taken with them. For how that story develops...whatchagot Loran?

Lastly, he passed along a treasure to Mac several years ago who in turn shared it with me. Back in 1969 Dooley and his staff were rebuilding off of a 1968 team that went 8-1-2. And so Erk Russell took it upon himself to develop a calendar for the month of August in hopes that it would help the team prepare while they awaited camp (back then the season opener was often mid-late September). Tomorrow you'll get to see each day as Erk asks his guys to run (a LOT) and build big necks.

If you're like me, as well as Kid, you'll laugh and be ready to run through a wall at the same time. Just bring a magnifying glass as Erk's typewriter had small type. And get a fork too, that's your meatloaf. Have a great Monday!