Sunday, July 29, 2012

Prepping the preseason

Pretty complete rundown of the preseason questions the Georgia Bulldogs are facing this week as camp begins. Weiszer looks in depth at the offensive line, defensive back depth, running back post-Crowell, the new kickers and which players might break out this season.
Grantham will use the first third of training camp to further evaluate the players, particularly the freshmen.
Kick it to me? I don't give a shit.
“Some guys we’ll play more than one spot and cross-train a little bit,” he said. “We’ll work to get the older guys skill set honed in to where it need to be.”
Game preparation for opponents will be the focus of the second-third of practices. The final portion will be used to gear up for the Sept. 1 opener against Buffalo.
Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo will use the preseason to get a better feel for this team’s offensive identity.
“That’s going to be the main focus, trying to figure out who we are, what’s our best personnel group, what gives us the best chance to be effective offensively,” Bobo said. “And just getting guys ready to play that can compete and contribute. Not just the first team, but in some depth.”
But as we start to re-acquaint ourselves with the beauty that is tackle college we reflect on what we were left with in 2011 and what we hope for in we evaluate what this team needs that last year's didn't have, I put this question at the top of the list:

Can we finish a full 60 minutes? In the second full year of the "new and improved S&C" are we a fitter and stronger team that can kick some 4th quarter ass?


Bernie said...

To have some extra strength and energy in the 4 th quarter, the position coaches must communicate with their players to ask to come out of the game whenever they feel drained and need a blow. The team must develop the backups so there is little drop off in skills and abilities and be able to manage the substitutions so that not all first team players are out of the game at the same time. Sounds like the Strength and Conditioning training is on target during the off season session to address the issue as well. Depth is always going to be an issue if UGA fails to address the recruiting numbers consistently. UGA should always compete with as close to the 85 scholarship roster as possible even if they have to grey shirt every now and then. Sometimes, as in the case of the two athletes this year going to Prep School, it could be a good thing because these players will actually get some playing time because at UGA they would be red shirted and only get practice time and the payers still get 4 or 5 years to play 4. UGA appears to also have an advantage with preferred walkons especially those that have qualified for the Hope Scholarship to ease some of the financial burden. Even more scrutiny in accepting the limited number of walkons could help improve the team as it seems UGA has developed some quality players from this group and rewarded them with vacant scholarships which also makes the walkon program attractive to the walkon candidates.

Bernie said...

Against whom ? 12th year now, and we have 3 wins against teams who made the top 10 out of 16 games. 2011-2012 is simply the most recent version of that, and 2012, I don't even see one - well, there's 1 opponent who made any top 25 poll and 11 opponents who average only 4.8 wins each. With the entire S&C staff reporting to Joe Tereshinski II, every one quit. The top teams do not have 68 scholarship recruits, and if we're looking for results in the 4th quarter against the top teams, it will be only the last 2 games, game 13 and game 14 in those 2 games' fourth quarters then, to even begin to look for results against the quality elite - which we just ain't.
The Differential in the 4th Quarter ?
How about half-time adjustments and S&C for the 3rd Quarter ?
In the only 4 games against teams who made any top 25 poll 2011-2012, we scored a grand total of 14 points in the 3rd Quarters of all 4 games combined, while our top 25 opponents put up 63 - a Differential of - 49 (minus 49.)
Yes, after the 3rd Quarter in these 4 games, we put up 43 points, while they put up 57 - a Differential of - 14 (minus 14.)
When your coaching staff is out-coached including half-time adjustments and the overall S&C of your team for the 2nd half against the only 4 opponents you played who made any top 25 poll by 63 points, 16 points a game, just after half-time, when you did have players...
how is 2012 going to work out with 68 scholarship recruits, assuming we ever do play a team who makes the top 25 ?
I shudder to think.