Monday, July 23, 2012

Proximity and PSU

The NCAA could've given Penn State an enema. Instead they went in for the full colectomy. It was ugly, and has an acrid odor.

If you enjoyed this morning's Dr. Mark Emmert show, riddle me this: did you get the feeling that this was happening at some distant institution? Is the impact similar to a California earthquake while your toes are dug into the red clay of the Georgia Piedmont region?

I have a lot of enemies in college athletics. Like many of you I despise Tech, hate Auburn and loathe the thought of reptiles. But I wouldn't wish what happened to Penn State this morning on any of them. Happy Valley was obliterated with a fate much worse than the death penalty.

The implications reach far beyond their campus however. Mark Emmert is a small town sheriff pretending to be a CIA operative and your local Baptist preacher all in one. If it looks a little awkward now, just wait a while.

On the morality meter, the Freeh Report exposed a slam dunk of a case. But what happens next? Does Bama get punished for giving Mike Price a credit card? Is TCU penalized for allowing players to minor in processing and distribution? When Coach Richt has to tell a recruit that UGA in fact does not have a scholarship for him, is that ethically ambiguous enough for Emmert and his small band of minions? Sounds like a stretch, sure. But the morality door is open now.

Indeed, what happens next? That's a question both Nittany Lion fans and any fan with their colors represented in their closet are asking today. Albeit from differing perspectives.

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Bernie said...

Great points, Bernie. The NCAA needs to figure out who they are because the thought of the them being the moral compass is laughable. Does NCAA give UGA probation if IC is brought up on felony gun charges? VERY slippery slope.