Thursday, August 2, 2012

A safety plan at safety?

They guys over at DawgNation hit on it with yesterday's roundtable ($) concerning injuries and where Georgia can least afford them. But allow me to pile on if you will.

We may not know until September 1st (or later) about Rambo's status. For argument's sake let's say hit has to spend time on the sideline cursing a plate of misplaced brownies. As Ching mentioned, our only option then is to rely on inexperience with Corey Moore, Marc Deas and Connor Norman.

So, would Grantham get creative and utilize Ogletree (whose status is also more than a little vague) or maybe a Ramik Wilson as a rover in the base set? Don't kill me here, I'm just thinking outside the box with my football starved brain. It's been several months you know?

The fact is that Coach Richt and his staff know who's available against Buffalo week one and Mizzou week two. Starting today Coach Grantham has 29 practices to develop a path towards destruction. It might be kinda fun and if...IF Rambo is out for the SEC opener especially, I don't see Grantham just sitting tight until #18 gets back in the lineup.

I'm thinking I'd like to see a playmaker like Ramik back there some, run blitzing and knocking people out. You remember when DeCori Birmingham made Thomas Davis mad don't you?

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