Friday, August 31, 2012

AHD preps the CFA warmup game

from AthensHomerDawg:

The Hillbillies and the Wolfpack are opening at the so  not politically correct Chik-fil-a bowl ( on Friday (Barners and Barners with a lake open there this Sat). Coach O'Brien of  NCS   has dubbed the Hounds of Knoxvegas a "SEC Powerhouse". I see here that Coach O'Brien is helping refill the Kool Aid and has graciously brought "brownies" as well. How thoughtful! The Vols will lean heavily on their cherry JUCO and an excellent WR who will be testing his new wheel for the first time live on Friday. 

I'm not feeling it sports fans: 1. SOD will be relying on some newbies in his 7 new assistants. 2. BIG SAL.. in his first year. We know from experience the change to a 3-4 takes at least a season. 3. UT has no run game. NADA. 116 in 2011. So they are gonna put this on Slash's shoulders and sling it. 4. This could be a sound strategy except that NCS has some success with ball snatching from needy QBs. Read here school record 27 ints in '11.  

The Knoxvegas Hounds might start off with Rocky Top ... but they end with this:

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