Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fifth day reactions: one on one

Yesterday was the fifth straight day of drills. Pads are starting to CRACK! out there.

A lot of what we're hearing about is coming from the media watching one on one drills. And this is good stuff because we get a feel for how the offensive line is doing after replacing so many key parts this off season. 

  • And we also get to hear about Coach Garner's motivation tactics.
  • As we've talked about before, David Andrews is going to be fine. He's giving Jenkins all he can handle. And of course, Jenkins is giving it right back. Looking forward to seeing what the competition breeds.
  • Michael Bennett talks with BI on the receivers and the DBs they're going up against.
  • Then Merritt Hall gets the mic and talks about the experience of being newly discovered and going full pads.
  • Yesterday we learned that Conley is getting looks out wide and in the slot. This kid, along with Justin Scott-Wesley, could really break out this season. Last year we learned Bennett had clutch hands. I'm really excited about our receiving corps.
And the goatee...

...goes pretty well with the hat I think.

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