Sunday, August 5, 2012

Flashback - 1976 Dawgs blank Bama

Is there a greater sound in all the world than Larry Munson counting down with the clock? Maybe so, but it's definitely music to my ears. And you get to hear it here in this video that takes us back to 1976 when #10 Alabama came to Athens to meet #6 Georgia. With the help of "Russell's Runts" and the tandem of Matt Robinson and Ray Goff at quarterback (not to mention an assist to whoever gave a UGA student the hotel Bama was staying in), the Dawgs shut out the Tide 21-0 with the SEC crown on the line.

h/t Dawg19

I got a little chill there after the captains shook hands, seeing the teams draw together towards midfield. I love big time games and this was certainly one of Sanford Stadium's biggest. Glory, Glory!

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