Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flashback - the 2002 season

There's a lot to remember and cherish about the 2002 season, and this video reminds us of all the highlights, big plays and subplots along the way. One of my favorite side stories will always be Tony Milton,. You'll remember that Milton was the kid Richt basically found living out of his car, gave him a chance and he became a legendary backfield blocker. In fact, he might be the reason a lot of young kids haven't started at running back until they can at least attempt to model a Tony Milton block.

And of course my favorite Munson quip from this video references a Milton run - "We put the WHOLE SCHOOL out in front of him!". Enjoy.

h/t Dawg19

Every time I see that blocked field goal against the Vols I think Boss gets higher than the last time I saw it. Absolutely superhuman.

Back to Milton, he once said "I'm more than willing to do anything to help the team...The coaches came to me and asked me if I would make the move. It's pretty much the same thing as tailback, the same blocking assignments.'' Kind of reminds you of another guy we have on the roster now, doesn't it?

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Bernie said...

"Gibson caught a one-handed ball lying on his whatchamacalli!"