Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Misery - of rust and Russ

Although the college football horizon is in full view now, that doesn't mean we're completely ready. The months of JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyandAugust create a LOT of rust. I can't just expect August 31st to roll up and be completely able to give you a Friday Misery at the drop of a calendar page. That takes a certain energy level that an 8 month hibernation just doesn't prepare you for in the way we all need it to.

I mean, are you just going to show up at the season's first tailgate without checking the tents, giving them a test run, counting the chairs in storage, or cleaning the cobwebs out of the cooler? Are you just going to assume your tailgate buddies will bring the buns and condiments to complement your grilled meats and cheeses?

It's called PREPARATION people! The first cousin of another key word, PLANNING. Throw a few handfuls of it on your face to WAKE. YOUR. ASS. UP. I know it's Buffalo and all, but it's still college football. It deserves your focused energy, your undivided attention and at least a few moments of time to knock the rust off the gameday mindset. Commit to the G y'all!
 Don't hate. Appreciate the brindle y'all!  (via)

C'mon people. Don't put off today what you can already have checked off the list tomorrow. Chan Gailey's coming to town Sept. 1st, without Reggie Ball. That's not so Chantastic.

Don't bite the paw that feeds you
There is no Uga IX, yet. I'm a little agitated with this mess. We keep moving forward and backward in the process of what really amounts to a family choosing their pet. Despite the ties to the University, Uga has always been the Seilers' pet first. Otherwise I'm sure the AJC would paste up pictures of the puppies and Carvell would do mock ups of recruiting pieces and Bradley and his cronies would blather on and on about how Coach Richt has lost control over the bloodline and then we'd all tumble over one another to vote in a poll.

Meanwhile, here's Russ. Does Russ give a damn if he's named the official mascot? Probably not. Just tell him when it's time to wear the sweater and he's ready. As chuckdawg mentions he gets taken off duty and pushed back on whenever UGA needs him. But he doesn't get the glory of being an "official" mascot.

Yet Russ is ANYthing but a stand in like Magillicuddy or Bugga Lou. No, the longest a temporary mascot had to fill in before Russ was the infamous Otto that came to the rescue when Uga IV injured his knee during the 1986 season. Otto's shift lasted four games and he went 3-1. Russ has a resumé that spans 21 games now, if I carried the one in the right spot.

He's earned more than our adoration and appreciation. He's deserves our respect too. Russ is a damn good Dawg!

Speaking of dogs, it's just me and my chocolate lab this weekend. Girls are off to a wedding, which means several things. Most importantly, I'll always know where the remote is for the next 48 hours and my ears won't be ringing from pre-teen pop music. I might just spend the weekend listening to Elvis and watching Fast Times over and over again. You know, "learning about Cuba" and stuff.

It probably also means less leafy greens and more grilled meat. Like I said, it's all about the PREPARATION. Stay miserable Dawgs. Only 15 more days.