Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ninth day reactions: worlds collide

"Because this world is your sanctuary and THAT world comes in contact..."

"YES!!! It BLOWS up!!

The kids are mingling and tangling with the men. And they're not just coming in contact and brushing elbows. They're locking down and getting after it.

But first, some bad news. Hunter Long broke his foot (officially, after probably breaking it a couple days ago...damn good Dawg!) yesterday trying to block Kwame. Hunter's had a hard go of it, but had been drawing some praise and working hard with the second team mostly. It's about the same injury Tree had last September. Hopefully Long recovers fully.

Its neck and neck determining which is more SEC ready, John Theus' skills or his mind. Smart money is on the mind after this quote though:
On chippiness with Washington in practice: “It’s not a contact sport, it’s a collision sport.”
Theus is making strides, rather quickly, from going up against teenagers to going up against "21 or 22 year old men". He and Dantzler are sharing time on the first line, but it appears it's just a matter of time before the kid takes over. Still, Richt fell short of naming him a starter. 

Perhaps what's holding him back is the complete grasp of the offense, from head to no huddle.
On adjusting to the no huddle: “It’s hectic. You’ve got to be on your game. We all need to work on that. When you get up to the line, they make the call. It’s snap, snap. I’ve just got to get in the playbook more and just learn my stuff. Once you know your stuff, you’re good.”
Now enter Jordan Jenkins, heir apparent to another JJ...Jarvis Jones.
"The linemen are huge here, which makes me have to work harder, and that makes me get tired quicker," Jenkins said Thursday by phone following Georgia's ninth preseason workout. "I remember going out there early on and doing about four straight plays, and I remember thinking, 'I'm not used to this.' We do a lot of conditioning drills, though, so I'm starting to get adjusted to it." 
Maybe it's the August heat, but I'm dizzy from all these quotes and notes. I'm ready for Athens. I'm ready for tailgates. I'm ready to hear the Chapel Bell! 

Independent George is dying. Three weeks. Just 21 Days.

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