Monday, August 27, 2012

One of these days

**What follows is a rabbit hole I recently fell into. Unless you are both a Drive By Truckers fan and enjoy useless research, you need not read any further.**

The Truckers show the other night was terrific. It was my first time returning to the Georgia Theater since the fire. I think it's safe to say it is a perfect venue for shows such as this. The sound system is top notch and the new layout is amazing. It's still a little small, but that only adds to its uniqueness.

Despite some very recent changes in staff, the Truckers played an amazing set with their usual high energy and solid symbiosis that you expect from a group who's core has remained together so many years. As Tyler mentioned the next day, the only thing that would've been better would be a Southern Rock Opera show. For old times sake.

Oh well, maybe one day. All that being said, the show had one small drawback. My top three songs are (in order): Whiskey Without Women, Where the Devil Don't Stay and 3 Dimes Down. Cooley didn't do Whiskey Friday night. So I decided to look at how often this happens since the shows I've seen, heard and read about almost all had the song included. Luckily Truckers fans are serious about their Rock Shows and the website One of These Days has a ton of info on the 1400 shows DbT has played.

Here's what I found of the top songs played:
Gran Gran's Box of Spiders
  • Let There Be Rock, 641 times
  • Zip City, 567
  • Sink Hole, 559
  • Marry Me, 531
  • Lookout Mountain, 515
  • Where the Devil Don't Stay, 390
  • The Living Bubba, 333
  • 3 Dimes Down, 329
  • Buttholeville, 321
As for Women Without Whiskey, it's been played 448 times. Considering there have only been 1,139 shows since the song was released on  Southern Rock Opera, that means walking down Clayton Friday night I only stood a 39% chance of hearing it. Maybe less considering it was on Thursday's setlist.

What I stood a 100% chance of was getting my face melted off by the time the EZB walked off the stage...angels ringing bells in my ears and fuselage scattered everywhere.


In case you're interested:

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Bernie said...

The GA Theatre 2.0 is amazing in one sense: the bathrooms. That cramped stairway, and the endless line, has thankfully forever disappeared.

The Theatre may have lost a little bit of the ambiance (the old movie theatre chairs), but in terms of features (the 2nd level bar, the bigger fans, food upstairs on the roof) it's amazing.
In addition, it's a living testament to how committed Athens and the Theatre's fans are to a great music venue (that also doubles as a fun living room to watch a UGA game, if you're ever sans ticket downtown).