Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paris Bostick, a true grinder

via Corey Long, ESPN
Yesterday Plant HS safety Paris Bostick made a commitment to Coach Richt to be a part of the 2013 class. He's a safety with very good size, especially considering he's just entering his last year of high school. At this stage in his development, Bostick can close on the ball extremely well and isn't at all shy of the sport's physicality. Once he works on some fundamentals he projects well at safety (especially Grantham's "star" role) or a hybrid linebacker.

Yes, for those who have been clamoring for the 3 star kid that loves to work, practice and get better, you have your man in Paris Bostick. Although he's one of three safeties committed to UGA for 2013, he brings a different skillset as well as a unique mindset.

Not to mention a difficult history. If you're unfamiliar with Bostick's story, you probably won't be for long. He's a great kid, one the DawgNation will enjoy cheering for in the coming years. Unlike many his road to Division I wasn't paved so smoothly. He's lost his father, grown apart from his mother and recently became emancipated. He picked us over an impressive but comparatively modest selection that included Arkansas, West VA and Louisville. 

You know it takes something special for me to post on recruiting in August. Paris Bostic has worked harder than most to get this far. And I can't wait to see him develop 'tween the hedges.


Bernie said...

Sounds like he has a level head on his shoulders and that's what we need more of. Kid like that will realize the opportunity he has and will make the most of it. Excited that we got him.

Bernie said...

He's a great match. Looking forward to hearing how his senior year goes and glad we'll get to watch him develop beyond that.