Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scrimmage 2: good news, bad news

The second scrimmage is in the books. It was chock full of good and bad, so let's break it down. Here's the stats, as provided ($) by Richt:
Gurley 7-87, 2 TD 
Marshall 5-62 
Samuel 6-40, TD 
Malcome 5-35, TD 
Harton 7-31 

Murray 8-14 158 TD, INT 
Mason 8-18 67 TD, INT 
LeMay 2-5 35 INT 

Conley 4-114 TD 
Tibbs 3-32 TD 
Rome 2-32 
Gurley 2-22 
King 2-9 
Wooten, Harton, Lynch, Samuel, McGowan, Hicks all had one catch 

Morgan made all XP and was 1-1 on field goals (42 yards) 
Barber averaged 49.5 yards on two punts 

Vasser 6 tackles, 4 TFL, 3 sacks 
Williams 4 tx, INT 
Rambo 4 tx 
Ogletree 4 tx, 2 TFL, 2 sacks 
JHC 4 tx, TFL, INT, sack 
Drew 4 tx 
Swann 3 tx 
Jarvis Jones sack 
Commings 3 tx, PBU 
B Smith, Gilliard, Norman, Moore, Herrera, Wilson, Bowman, Robinson all had two tackles 

B Smith had 2 PBU, Gilliard 1 PBU, Moore 1 PBU and a great interception according to Richt (Moore said he read a double move by Bennett and picked off a Murray pass in red zone) 

Abry Jones had TFL, J Dawson had one PBU and one TFL, Washington and S Dawson both had PBU

Rushing. All the running backs had a good scrimmage, and there were some big runs added in. Both Marshall and Gurley averaged 12.4 ypc, thanks to a 52 and a 66 yard run respectively. Richt said they were making guys miss and getting extra yards from their hustle. To quote: "But when you’re a good rushing team, you’re going to break a big run. That’s what you [want]"

INTs. Sounds like most were off of bad throws, but at least they were hauled in. Richt credited Corey Moore with making a good play on a ball. And Harvey-Clemons continues to impress. From the last week's buzz it sounds as if he's averaging 1.2 picks a practice.

Competition. The 1s vs 2s structure seems to be creating some good depth. Normally I would rather see the 1s go against each other, but given the depth I think this is giving some backups a chance to show what they can do against some SEC starters.

Injuries. Malcolm Mitchell, Damian Swann, Branden Smith and Ray Drew were all back in the mix. Tight End Ty Flournoy-Smith did not play.

Kicks. Marshall Morgan made his kicks and Collin Barber averaged nearly 50 yards on two punts! If he can get that kind of distance with the hang time that Richt has been suggesting, Barber is heading for more than a starting spot.

Quarterbacks. Between the interceptions and fumbles it was clear that Coach Richt was least impressed with this group. If a defender just makes a great play it's one thing. But when he specifically tells the media that they weren't well thrown balls...coupled with the fact that the QBs can't be tackled and they're still fumbling...Not. Good.

Hustle. Overall it sounds like there was good energy, but nothing outstanding. As Richt said, an 8-4 type effort ain't gonna cut it. Were some guys just going through the motions? Do they believe certain roster spots are already sewn up? I expect the coaches to light them up a little bit going into the weekend.

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