Thursday, August 9, 2012

Seventh day reactions - "Welcome to Miami (norte)"

It was the first scrimmage, and despite all the stats you've pored over...despite all the quotes to the was the trainer's table that won the competition.

No. Injuries.

Here's what I'm taking away:
- Murray had a big day, which tells me that the starting offensive line did their job against the 2nd team defense.
- Gurley won the rushing accolades, but sounds like he did so against mostly the 2nd team defense. I'll watch the poll over there to see how many of you over-react and change your votes.
- The 1st team defense dominated and devastated, led by Corn who took out some frustrations on the QB depth chart.
- For one I like the attitude from the guy that's always good for a quote (just ask Jimmy Franklin), Shawn Williams would prefer to play against the 1's and knock em down a notch: “I just wish they’d let us get up there and embarrass the ones a little bit, but you know they’re not going to do that.”
- Connor Norman continues to lead by example; he had six tackles.

Other than that...No. Injuries.

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