Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"This clean, of energy vampires."

Let this be a warning to Zombie 5 Star: Energy Vampires are near extinction in Athens.

Coach Richt made mention ($) that he has plenty of stakes left to destroy them, but there are no Energy Vampires in his locker room currently. He even went so far as to say that "'The Energy Bus' was last year", hinting that the team is moving on.

Hope this is also a warning to any five star, top ranked, super recruit zombies out there that are brain dead and really want to bring their "So Cray Crunk Game" to Woodruff Practice Fields. Of course, the coaching staff can't know completely if the recruit is a potential zombie. But hopefully these undead ballers are now inclined to stay the hell away from Athens. 

Because if not, shovels that will lop your head clean off are even more plentiful than wooden stakes.

"I'm a Zombie 5 star. Every program in the country wants 
my flesh eating skillz." (via)

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