Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vandy/Carolina - what to look for tonight

If you're into JV football under Thursday night lights, or if you've just been jonesin' long enough this off season to try just about any flavor of the tackle football variety, then like me you'll be tuning into tonight's game between the fighting Jimmy Franklins and the Thursday Night Kings.

Of course it also helps that the Dawgs play both teams later in the season. Scouting, previewing, watching visors fly and all that. So here's the top two things I'm looking for, one for each sideline.

  1. How much confidence does Lattimore have in that knee? People can sing the sober praises of Connor Shaw all they want, but Marcus Lattimore is the key to this offense. He's the Ying to Clowney's Yang. If he doesn't look up to his usual beast mode self, or if he gets popped low early and has a flashback, the Gamecock season could hang in the balance. He's just that important.
  2. Just how many Nutty Buddy's can James Franklin sell? He wants to change the culture in NashVegas. He wants respect and he'll tantrum til he gets it. Are the hoards of Commodore fans buying in? (Evidently not literally, btw) Can the head coach's unbridled energy enthuse his team to an upset win on national television? Or is the head coach's mouth bigger than his playbook?
Is this nutty buddy just another creamsickle? Discuss.


Bernie said...

Lattimore has been in the scrum and found it less than desirable. Vandy held the boy wonder to 77 yds rushing. Remarkable considering that our Dawgs yielded 176 yards rushing to the Hershel wanna be Cock. Enough. Vandy stuffs him a few times at the LOS wrestling him to the ground and a tentative Lattimore becomes an apprehensive one. Working the leg in space post ACL is a trick. Vandy grapples and Latty loses perspective. Just a thought.

Bernie said...

Agree. Vandy can play tough, especially at home. I think it could be a close one.

Bernie said...

WOW! 17-13 was closer than the OBC wanted. "I swear he looked like he was ready to burst." Maybe uSC has a favorable schedule after all. Lucky they don't have us next week! Four plays that changed the game for uSC. 1. Vandy fumbles inside their 5. 2. Latty's 53 yard romp for 6 points following the Vandy TO. 3. Penalty and no points awarded on Vandy's long FG. 4.The non call on the pass interference. That's how the cookie crumbles. I thought Latty ran strong. Not slashing too much but none to shabby. I noticed he held that leg out while getting up and had help. Fourth quarter he went down with some high tackles. uSC qb played like a warrior. Bet he is still soaking in the whirlpool.