Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend reactions: catching up

Spent the weekend pretending to be 19 again. Now I'm tired, hungover and I KEEP SHOUTING AT PEOPLE BECAUSE MY EARS ARE STILL RINGING!!

So, what'd I miss:
  • Branden Smith is clean. No suspension. As happy as I am to see the first weeks' depth chart at CB a little deeper now, I'm even moreso for Smith. Still very poor judgment, just not to the level that radio shock jocks hoped we had anticipated.
  • Nice article by Ching here on Merritt Hall, leading the charge at fullback. Jarvis says he "brings the tempo for the offense." Reminds me a little (at least so far) of JT Wall.
  • Freshmen are already making an impact on the pecking order at Woodruff. 
  • Future Boo > Past Boo. Let's hope 2012 is the season of less pain in the rear as far as tailbacks go.
Ramik Wilson, ready to contribute. (via)

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