Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bulldog Hotline Redux, Buffalo

Like so many other episodes of the Bulldog Hotline last night there were technical difficulties, callers that needed to turn their radios down, and of course Mike in Columbus. But nonetheless, like a good friend you haven't seen in awhile, it was good to have it back as part of the Monday night routine.

And it's good to have some solid special teams back as well. After a 2011 season of missed assignments, missed kicks and seemingly going through the motions, Saturday gave us a glimpse of what is hopefully to come. It was clear that Richt is also pleased as a whole with the special teams play.
Scott Howard opens up by congratulating Coach Richt who says it was an outstanding victory. A lot of bright spots, some other things to clean up. Scott mentions Todd Gurley and his impressive day which earned him Co-SEC Freshman of the Week. Richt specifically mentions the kickoff return that Coach Ball schemed up. Blocking was great and assignments were covered to set it up. Gurley didn’t get touched really. Had an interesting move when the one guy had him cut off, where he slowed down with a stutter step then re-accelerated.  Then Scott asks about other things that stood out. Richt says most of the time Murray had time to throw. There were some times the protection was not so good, but overall they did well. Backs had some space to run. We broke tackles and the receivers blocked well. Defense stoned them in the 3rd quarter. Swann did well in the punt returns. Jarvis Jones “played his tail off.”
As electrifying as Gurley's 100 yard romp was, it was just as nice to see guys in place to make the blocks and set the gigantic hole the kid had in front of him.

Just a thing of beauty. Add in the fact that we blocked a punt, had a freshman punter that averaged over 50, and had a solid day at punt return...and I am cautiously hopeful. 

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Bernie said...

"Give it to him - Todd Gurley" - pretty weak TV call, Scott Howard's radio call was a little better. Gurley is a beast as advertised!