Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bulldog Hotline Redux, FAU

Not a lot on last night's call in show to really sink your teeth into. Richt did sound dead in the middle of being pessimistic and optimistic about Jarvis Jones returning to the lineup. It sounded overstated at first. But he did add that you have to be cautious about these types of injuries to the groin. It could end up keeping a player out for the season.

That being said, Jarvis ain't missing this game.

This episode of Fake Juice lasted nearly a full three minutes.
So, onto fake juice!
From Twitter, Danielle Vido (sp?) asks if we’ll ever have another blackout. Richt laughs a little. “Well, ever is a long time. But I don’t see one anytime soon right now.” Haven’t had much luck with those kinds of things. And sometimes it does take the focus off where it needs to be. Have had some success with it, have had some fun times and some not so fun times. Doesn’t see it happening anytime soon, at least not in a “sneak attack mode”. Could see in the future laying out some basic red, black and white jerseys and maybe even do some things with the helmet. Just say that this is our wardrobe for the year. Then they can mix and match as we like. It’s not some kind of secret weapon. We might see something like that in the future. Doubts we do some kind of surprise jersey any time soon. Although at Scott prompting, says the fans are always welcome to do a blackout.
So if we organize a stadium blackout once a year, will Richt just leave the uniforms the hell alone? I think he had a great answer until he starts talking about mixing and matching, then messing with the helmet. I swear, our road uniforms are one of the best looking uniforms in college football. Leave these types of things alone Coach. Just get the team ready. Have them put on what's in their locker. And win the game based on the merits of the team's hard work.

Do those things and I'll wear whatever the hell you want me to on Saturdays.

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Kevin McKoy said...

Amen to your comments about the uniforms. Let's keep the emphasis on the important things like playing consistently intense games and not giving up so many points to lesser opponents.