Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bulldog Hotline Redux, Vandy

How can you tell the team is undefeated and there's not a lot of controversy to fuel the phone lines? Well, you get a lot of questions/comments about fan participation and PATs. But there's also a lot on Malcolm Mitchell, including how he'll be used going forward.
Walter from Facebook asks about the return of Ogletree and Rambo on defense, as well as whether we’ll start to see more of Malcolm Mitchell on offense. Richt gives the standard response for the suspensions. With Malcolm they are starting to give him structured times with each side during the week. Transitioning back to more of an offensive role. Doesn’t need to be on the defensive side in practice as much now. He’s getting a lot of experience. He wants to do this, has to put a lot of time in on his own due to the 20 hour rule.
And then this vote of confidence on punt returns:
Scott in Buford says its a fun football team to watch. Great guys off the field as well. One thing that worries him is Malcolm’s decision making at punt return. Wants Richt’s ideas on his progress back there. Richt says that is a very tough job. The decisions these guys have to make, and do it so quickly with guys flying down towards them. Richt says the one punt that Malcolm fielded near the goalline is one that was a real long punt that usually you get some room to run. Says he definitely feels good about Malcolm being there still. Pauses a bit, then says they feel like Malcolm is the main guy. “I believe in him.”
Other than that you've got some concerns on the PATs and the usual suspension question that doesn't get answered. Oh, and it's officially a Red Out!
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